Melbourne Solar quotes service

So, you live in Melbourne and looking to get solar quotes? You are in the right place…

Make no mistake: Quotes are still the best way to shop for solar.

There are many websites that provide online solar power quotes for Melbourne.

First of all, the service is very convenient for consumers. Instead of filling out several forms for different solar retailers, you just fill out one for the solar quotation company serving Melbourne – who then distributes your information to their choice of retailers. This saves you a lot of time on the computer.

Furthermore, consumer is also the beneficiary of the competition between solar companies who up their game from the beginning to beat each other out in the bidding process.

But there are simply too many solar installers in Melbourne. A simple google search will show you  that…



And, if you are not careful, you could be getting quotes delivered in your inbox from just about any solar installers (also known as solar retailers). So how do yo stay away from the cowboys?

Well, here is a list of recommended solar installers for Melbourne (source:


But, do you want to call ten different retailers for quotes? Probably not. And, this is where the quotation company can come handy.

However, there is still one big problem – how do you trust solar installers that your quote company is using?

That’s what I want to address in this post…..and guide you through. Here are 3 simples steps to getting the best solar quotes…

Step#1: For best Melbourne solar quotes, start by selecting the right quoting company

Here is a flowchart showing how a solar quoting company bridges the gap between you and solar retailers.



Off course, you can shortlist solar retailers serving Melbourne area on your own. Then, request quote from each – one at a time. That’s one way to do it – but only if you had all the time in the world, am I right?

Let me just say this: if you get the quoting company right, you’ll end up with quotes from the right solar retailers as well. That means, your only challenge is to find the right quote company.

So, how do you pick your quote company? This is really simple. If you pay close attention, the bad ones are flashing warning signals everywhere that are hard to miss. Here are my favorites:

  • There isn’t much content on their website to help you learn about solar. Takers, not givers, and definitely not experts.
  • “Get solar quotes” is flashing everywhere, trying to trap you while you are on their website.
  • Their quote form is short, lacking in-depth questions. They are worried you might get turned off by a long size form.
  • Too many pop-ups on the screen telling you who received the last quote and from where. They must be desperate to prove something to you.

The opposite is true for good quoting companies. Make sure you look for these signals to differentiate various Melbourne solar quotes services.

Step#2: Don’t get solar power quotes directly from the solar retailer

You shouldn’t get quote from individual retailers, especially if…

  1. They found you door-knocking the neighborhood, or,
  2. You haven’t heard about them before, or,
  3. You aren’t sure how the retailer stacks against other companies in the market.

You should at least know if the retailer is legit by doing a little background check. This tool helps you find out when and where the company was registered for business…


But, there are more reasons why you shouldn’t get quote directly from the retailers….

  • Installers won’t compete for your business as hard because, when you approach them directly, they don’t sense the same level of competition that comes with the quoting service. You have less bargaining power.
  • Good quoting company only work with pre-vetted installers based on past customers feedback.
  • Solar quoting companies also offer you free independent advice through out the process. This can be very useful if you are not so technical about solar, and need unbiased advice along the way.
  • The best part? Solar quotation service is free. So, why not leverage it?

Step#3: Understand your need, then get quotes

There are literally 1000+ kinds of solar modules in the market. Technology wise, most of them are either mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline solar panels. Do you know the difference and do you know which one you are going to get?

There are also mainly two types of inverters: string inverters are traditional, micro inverters are newer, and more popular kind. The latter ones are fitted in the backside of the panel, and there is one per panel. Do you know which one you want?

How about how many solar panels you need for your home in Melbourne? Do you understand how solar system saves money on your power bill? Compared to rest of the country, Melbourne also has slightly poor weather. The table below shows how much solar power generation you can expect from different system sizes in Melbourne.

City1 kW system1.5 kW system2.0 kW system3.0 kW system4.0 kW system5.0 kW system
Melbourne3.6 kWh5.4 kWh7.2 kWh10.8 kWh14.4 kWh18.0 kWh

These are some of the basic questions you should have the answers for before you request quotes. Self studying also enables you to ask the right questions to the salesman. Furthermore, your knowledge helps you to be specific on your choice, which will make the quotes comparison less confusing.

But, if you have already prepared enough and feel confident about your position, that is great. You can go on and request quotes from any trustworthy site.

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