3 Ways to Find Melbourne Solar Companies in Good Health

solar-power-companies-melbourneMelbourne solar companies

If you live in Melbourne, solar companies are not in short supply. Last time I checked, there were thirty plus indexed in google business search page alone…

Furthermore, you may be tossing around the idea of buying solar panels for your home, but you also fear falling prey of dodgy solar power companies.

However, you’ll probably agree with me: there is no excuse for lack of preparation.

If you’ve struggled to find good solar companies in Melbourne, or if you’re just starting, this post will reveal three resources you can rely on to achieve that goal.

There are many other ways you can find solar companies in Melbourne, for example…

  • Asking your friends and families who have installed solar before.
  • TV and local newspaper ads.
  • Cold calls and door-knocks.

The first option is always a good starting point if you know someone who has installed solar before. However, how do you trust the companies you find via TV ads, or door-knocks?

Before you hire any solar companies, you want to be absolutely certain about these things:

  • Are the solar panels and inverters they use approved by Clean Energy Council (CEC)?
  • Are the installers and designers they use fully accredited by CEC?
  • Has the company been in this business long enough?And, can they provide few references/testimonials?
  • What sort of warranty is included for the installation and the products?
  • Can they visit your site before giving you the quote?

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had a list of companies that scored highly on the questions above?

Well, you are luck. There are a few.

Here are three websites you can use to start building up the list of solar companies for your project.

1. Clean Energy Council’s website:


The good thing about this site is that every solar companies you find here have signed CEC’s voluntary code of conduct. CEC, Clean Energy Council, is the peak body for renewable energy in Australia, and states on its website that “these companies have demonstrated their commitment to industry best practice by signing the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.

CEC approved solar retailers are a safe choice for your project.

Their search page will let you find retailers by their region of operation. For example, Melbourne solar companies can be found by selecting Victoria as the Region of operation.

Here is the direct link to the page.

Clean energy council approved solar retailers


2. Solar Quotes’ list of recommended Melbourne solar retailers


Solar Quotes is a premier site that specializes in providing free solar quotes service.

What I like about their listing of recommended solar businesses is that all the solar companies have a rating attached to it. Furthermore, the rating is based on real customer feedbacks of their own.

For example, in the image below, Melbourne solar businesses are rated on a scale of one star to five stars. The last column also tells us how many reviews are the ratings based on.


Solar Quotes collects feedbacks on four different aspects:solar-quotes-companies-rating

  • Value
  • System quality
  • Customer Service
  • Installation

The overall rating is average of the combined score.

Here is the link to the page for Top Melbourne solar businesses: https://www.solarquotes.com.au/installers/melbourne/

If you want to request free quotes from their awesome list of companies, this is the link

3. Product and Service Review site: Productreview.com.au


The third website you can rely on is productreview.com.au.

There are all kinds of companies listed here, but good thing is they are rated by their customers. If you are smart, you can hand-pick few from here for your project.

Every month close to five million Aussies use this site to find out about products and services. The site is free to use.

According to the website….

“… is a community of consumers helping each other make better purchasing decisions.” – Productreview.com.au

From their homepage, you can search for Melbourne solar companies.


On the result page, you can scroll down the list of solar companies. The listing page also shows the rating of the company on the preview panel.


Then, you can click on any for more information.

Make some time to go over the reviews left by their customers. What’s nice is there are plenty of reviews for a lot of businesses. Moreover, you’ll also find solar companies actively participating in the discussion with its customers – which is a good sign that the company listens to what its customers have to say. Below is an example from the site’s review page…


Here is the bottom line…

Except for the council’s website, the other two sites above not only give you a list of solar companies but they also rank the companies based on customer feedback. When it comes down to finding healthy Melbourne solar businesses, these two sites can be of great choices.

Once you’ve built up your list, you can start shortlisting those solar companies.

Or….even better….

When you are ready to purchase solar, you can take advantage of Solar Quotes free quotation service. It will save you time and energy chasing around the local solar companies.

Solar Quotes is the best kept secret of Australian solar market. They make it really easy for homeowners to switch to solar. When you request quote from it, Solar Quotes connects you to its list of pre-vetted solar companies. That way, you don’t need to worry about finding and shortlisting solar companies on your own. Leave that to these experts.

There you have it… if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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